LiGRE is a web-based platform for research data analysis that is characterized by its easy-to-use design. Don’t let appearances fool you: its powerful features will save you hours of work.

Automatic transcription

LiGRE’s automatic transcription allows you to quickly obtain a written version of your research data, whether it is audio or video. Then, with LiGRE’s intuitive editor, you can review and correct your documents in minutes.

Coding and Analysis

Coding allows you to index and classify important passages of your text data, so you can easily find them again later. The analysis groups and counts the passages you have selected by category, allowing you to generate statistics.


Housed on the Cloud

LiGRE is online and open to all. The storage of research documents in the cloud prevents data loss, and makes it easy to share research developments online.

It is also possible to obtain a license located on your servers for your organization.

Comprehensive Features  

Qualitative data analysis software

Qualitative Research

    – Automatic transcription of audio and video files
    – Coding and classification of significant passages
    – Mixed analysis and export of results
    – Respondent management
Qualitative data analysis software

Quantitative Research

    – Creation and distribution of web surveys
    – Importing of surveys from a Word file by copy/paste
    – Analysis of results in real time
Qualitative data analysis software


The laboratory is a qualitative research portal for lecturers and professors who supervise the research projects of several students. By creating a laboratory, the teacher can invite students, who will then be able to add their project to it. Teachers will then be able to monitor and assess their students’ progress.

Qualitative data analysis software

Other Features

    – Supports teamwork on projects (unlimited team size)
    – Public page to promote your research
    – Module allowing the integration of data from several projects to compare results

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