FABEX enables large-scale electricity billing. Do you need a robust management platform?

Tried and Tested System

Operated by a state-owned company since 2009, FABEX includes a suite of high-performance applications specialized in customer service monitoring and service billing.

Billing management software


Our modular approach allows great flexibility in integration and implementation. If necessary we will add the missing modules to meet your organization’s needs.


Online Client Space

  • Subscribers can create their client space and edit their profile.
  • View their bill and energy consumption
  • Pay their bills online
  • Fill out the proxy and consent form
  • View their account history

Administrative Dashboards

A suite of dashboards allows you to monitor activities in real time:

  • Billing oversight
  • Accounts receivable oversight
  • Management of readings and anomalies with dispatching and order tracking
  • Customer service monitoring
  • Monitoring of distribution circuits, transformers, poles, meters

Transactional Automation

  • Initiation by processing schedule
  • Pre-billing mechanism
  • Automatic billing according to readings, estimates, etc.
  • Generation of work orders
  • Calculation of energy balance

Let's discuss your needs. We can adapt the products to your needs or develop custom software.

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