Custom Product

Develop your custom software with the expertise of Ex-l-tec. Discover what a comprehensive solution can do for you.

Integration With Your Systems and Migration

Need to transition from your old system? Our platforms can be integrated with systems already implemented in your organization’s infrastructure. You can also choose to carry out the full migration of your data with the help of the Ex-l-tec team.

Web and Local Compatibility

All the software we design can be installed locally or hosted online for easy access by your users. Our secure user portals will allow you to efficiently manage your organization. 

Custom software

Modular and Adapted to Your Needs

Our modular approach allows you to create your own implementation schedule. We will add the modules according to your organization’s timetable.

Our software is compatible with a wide range of architectures, both in terms of your platform or operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix) and your database (Oracle, SQL, etc.).


Prototyping development allows you to test your software modules as they are designed and to make important changes as you go. 


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We Provide Support


Customer satisfaction is our priority. This is why all of our applications come with a service contract that guarantees support at every stage of the process: installation, use, administration of services and upgrades.


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