Biblio + is an integrated library management system. Its dashboard allows an overall follow-up of the libraries within the network.

Centralized Facility Management

The system provides comprehensive dashboards to help better track the activities of the various facilities. Today, BIBLIO + helps the CQLM Network to manage its network efficiently.

A Single Platform

With Biblio +, managing finances, user access, human resources, scheduling and more are all under the same platform. Only one solution is needed!

Comprehensive Reports

Generate reports in real time, make adjustments and export the data you need.

Intuitive and accurate

Biblio + is designed to allow a library network to manage its many facilities in a single, easy-to-understand platform.

Biblio +

Comprehensive Features 

Biblio + is a modular platform, for which you can choose to give access to certain modules depending on the type of user. The available modules are, but are not limited to, the following:


Library Management

    – Detailed library catalogue
    – Data history and data archiving system
    – Production of customized reports
    – Distribution and management of web forms for data collection

Comprehensive Record for Each Facility

    – Management of schedules
    – Scheduling of deliveries and book borrowing and returns
    – Administration of library staff
    – Management of user accounts
    – Detailed reports

Comprehensive Record for Each Municipality

    – Localization
    – Information management concerning each municipality
    – Linked library

Administrator Portal

    – Grid editing module for all the information contained in the portal
    – Accelerated data import module
    – Catalogue management

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