Agility and Performance

The Ex-l-tec team knows how to put its skills to good use to design high-quality software and web platforms.

Our mission

Providing high-performance software and software packages with continuous support is our priority.

The management software is tailored to the specific needs of each client and comes with a comprehensive implementation, maintenance and personalized support service.
The Ex-l-tec team, consisting of computer professionals and technicians, combines youth, experience, and competence. The variable-geometry structure of the company allows us to take on any development project, even if its complexity requires on-demand reinforcement. We know how to surround ourselves with the best specialists when a project requires it.

For our clients, this great flexibility translates into many advantages. It allows us to quickly and effectively meet their project requirements. It also guarantees lower rates and increased performance and creativity.

We Provide Support

Customer satisfaction is our priority. This is why all of our applications come with a service contract that guarantees support at every stage of the process: installation, use, administration of services and upgrades.

Our Values




Oracle developper

Oracle Developer

Logiciels Ex-l-tec has been a partner of Oracle for many years. We have developed extensive experience in Oracle database integration.

APPX/JAVA Developer

APPX is a design and user environment that allows the quick production of Java Intranet and Internet applications.

Applications developed in APPX are interchangeable on a platform basis, which means they can be installed on Windows, Linux or Unix servers, without changing the source code.

Tell Us About Your Project

Make your organization more efficient by implementing an existing software from Ex-l-tec and have it tailored to your specific needs. The Ex-l-tec team knows how to innovate to make your business process simpler and more efficient.

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